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wealthy british style. sometimes. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is causing reports on our. welcome back here without ceylon from moscow the headline goldman sachs one of the biggest u.s. financial entities it's throws away more than a billion dollars of libya's investments the south american moguls called it couldn't be fair game for cash cow. for fighters how could a hope plays out and i mean russia's republican would shout seen it two nights of a spectacular destructive artillery show. trying to secure no longer
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a high tech russian says it's implied past the i phone's much touted security is now offering to retrieve any information from anyone's phone for a sizeable. why those are the headlines on a saturday but now it's our weekly guide to the russian capital with the side of tips on how to fit in a relaxing spell amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. hello and welcome to this week's how filthy most crowds are i'll be exploring how to relieve stress and of the past your mind body and soul in
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a busy thriving city sun is shining so take a deep breath as we discover what's exciting remedies and treatments the recent capital cost of. modern day city living can you should know is traffic too much causing stressful jobs extreme temperatures the list seems to go on it's easy to see why hundreds of thousands of muscovites next pets take to the city's parks and gardens every possible chance ok it might not be the countryside but it does prove that people strive for green trees fresh air and relaxation even though the russian capital is for greener and most things men and women of all ages still search for the latest treatments and cures. is located in the little face of moscow in office tennessee verities this is by hundreds of patients every week the services on offer here don't fit in the realm of conventional medicine this is cutting their appeal for example treatment is the method of using drugs or plastic cups to create
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localized pressure by a vacuum the chinese have been doing this since ancient times by using the inside glass of bamboo cups strange set to work. that would provide not only medical treatment but also help to keep a body turns and healthy the rhythm of everyday life is rational. days and there are a lot of stressful situations everywhere so it's very important to look after you how easy to prevent a disease then took your words. now it's my turn to take to the medical room i've been asked become scared of injections fortunately i am not it has left me slightly worried. about this sense of office various treatments regarding stress relief and a picture is one of them it's about. attention is used to treat asthma addictions of crisis depression anxiety blood pressure disorder and problems
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with the digestive system it's one therapy science does support. but i do admit it did hurt it typically incorporating traditional chinese medicine the manipulation of the needles on certain pills puts all areas of the body a sense of provide stress relief and provides good health for that about you but i just feel a little better i feel compassion. refinished also recently announced that he wants moscow to become a medical the summation in europe with places like this like checksums in the capital one of only two like in the world sees that things might be slowly moving that way educated in the rich colors of the services to give you a complete overhaul of your current condition and predict what potential problem areas you might have in the future once an hour more well then let's meet this
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week's guest. dr the mara wasn't very nice to look at me and tell me about the clinic here mr fair clinic not center was a passion project of mine created. after i created the monte carlo lecture at the original wanted in monaco where i live where i reside the reason i came to moscow was one i love the country of the city but moreover about twenty percent of all of my clients who come to my clinic in monaco are russian or russian speaking so there was a very big demand by a lot of check what exactly is this election is is the method that i created based on over twenty years of experience to do a complete check up of the entire body of another check up in a standard method were one of those an electrocardiogram it takes your weight and takes your polls but those are important parameters but they don't save lives and
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they certainly don't detect disease rights and so i was created a method whereby we find things before they are detected by other standard methods for example early stages of cancer for example since i will put in one accord i've detected nine cases of pancreatic cancer and five of them are still alive sort of successfully operators because they didn't even know they had it meaning that if you find things or early enough breast cancer prostate cancer primarily cardiovascular disease side that heart disease which is the number one killer on the planet and you find them early enough you can address the issue treat the cause and the patients live in it happily for regular lifespan so it's not just telling somebody stop smoking stop drinking alcohol more grievance will take exercise it seems common sense it's much more than that it is much more than that but everything you've just outlined is the essence of what i have to tell people the power that i have because i can show them on the scan i scan the head to toe through a complete blood because and when you can show someone why they have to stop smoking
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why they have to stop drinking why they have to exercise why they have to modify their diet. they can see this and that's a powerful motivator for example people have a difficult time smoking as we all know it's difficult when once addicted but if you can show them the emphysema the destruction of the lung tissue it's time to start sometimes quite early. i say seven out of ten quit on the spot interesting so you've you've got your sense or not to expand else what you think yes i will the third center is in italy the north of italy near boulder no it's being constructed now that should open in october the fourth center is earmarked for the or it's probably out of a job you're to buy most likely to buy despite the the negative press that is received it's still the place for doing commerce if one goes to the other it's so that's under study right now it's nothing sorry but it looks like it's one of those where they were considering london as well tell my friends and family that yes take care of all of them or of. rather look at our projects minutes yes thank you very
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much and. if you can't afford a private v.i.p. clinic what other therapies can you find in the russian capital you know just sort of been very busy treatments with the use of medical leeches these tiny creatures might look disgusting to many but their value for human health policies have been applied around the world for thousands of years they used as a means to produce blood clotting to relieve pressure in the veins in a research light in reconstructive surgery to stimulate blood circulation there are several clinics in moscow offering leech therapy just make sure that leeches they use are specially bred medical species like units of sense here. people would say. leeches are printed special factories so they are fed with a serum of car blood from there they are just tribute to the group to further tests all medical leeches are non-reusable who's going. to smoke is
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and at the same time a problem for health conscious people all those who read both smoking. and nonsmoking areas in many public places are completely nonsmoking policy is still something you capitals restaurants and cafes there are only a few in the city like this park who now how it's located has been happening grandchild the area of the island for a full list of nonsmoking bars and eateries in moscow check our facebook page constantly to read the results facebook dot com for slash the scope. of a card or even the name sounds like the spend you should be good for you this vegetarian cafe scituate is one of the picture response of most scared she says you truly are clean puns translates to english those frosting on special diets and healthy lifestyle followers of the past few years to stew cafe has been certainly creating this stuff in the capitol. building on and time for
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shopping people right at the crocus city shopping mall half an hour journey out of the city is well worth it this hardware needs to have everything mind its customer needs. jacuzzis whirlpools oils aroma therapy. you name it with some russian traditions in mind i'm here to buy some natural products when in rome as they say having lived in russia for six years we get sense of the country's various traditions and from overseas with that garlic or holly references to the institution that is the russian value now but streets all velika as they're called in russian there are essential parts of the process used stroking massaging ass beating the sets or improve circulation release stress muscle and joint takes and even improve but have less of.
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banya times only around fifty remain in moscow today down from over one hundred in the mid twentieth century building eighteen zero eight so the nasca is not only the oldest bath house in the city but so grand the rich is it since here it stopped by many as the son of a past houses it does look like something out of a film set with huge pools tall ceilings marble staircase is an exquisite gold frescoes and statues. so it's off with my clothes and i pick up my felt hats and all what looks like a soviet kitchen table cloth but shrugs and hands it's into the sewer i go this is how to really stress the russian way. so i did this was the word curing effects of value rituals of longer know that but it's also a perfect place to look after yourself to relax and if you're not only your body and mind as well things but at. the hospital he said to him pray circulation
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is some a fresh branches they use a smell of cut grass in winter brunches the have been dried and the muslims in hot water are used it's important that the bush's whole half leaves so they don't that's when news this is actually doesn't feel too bad now for the final shocking treatment. up discotheques half baked freezing. fish because it's really. come up a bit well nobody wants to be beaten with but strays or encounter all tenants of their pieces i can punch out from all of us when she can find sad healthy living and the four i think is a modern couple i could put. on the secret was to say something to tell me honestly i think by now.
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a was a call a price and that's never answered. on the song for the skull still i'm a guy i think of it every day. of the flyers fired from the memory. last so much so long time in the series trying to tell. i was. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i hadn't
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a clue why i got my arm i got my legs. what i wanted to be our nominee i was a cardboard little. believe what i was going there was no i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just an. emission free credit taken free instruction which is free coming from free risk free. tuition free. to move free books clothes and videos for your media projects and free media dogs are.
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headlines when i see goldman sachs one of the biggest u.s. financial entities throws away more than a billion dollars of libya's investments but says american moguls called gadhafi fair game for cash strapped. fighters have put out a major blaze i mean if we're not russia's republic we're going to go with trusting two nights of spectacular but destructive volatility show however several small areas within the military unit are still said to be by. anderson cure no longer hides like russia says it's bypassing the i phones a much targeted security is now
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offering to retrieve any information from anyone's phone for a sizeable. are those are the headlines not us dive into a world of sport with. a big night of football for russia just right an important game against the media as they try to qualify for next summer's european championships we look at that plus a memorable day. as federer and a secret. hello there you're watching the sporting these are the headlines match fixing problems peter investigates argentina's one loss in nigeria after suspicious betting patterns. while russia. was to end a five month when the streak against the euro qualifies. and on the one federer and
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djokovic forty three match unbeaten run to set up a french open final the defending champion. but first fever has launched a match fixing investigation into argentina's recent four one loss to nigeria in lagos it is the highest profile match yet in a wave of rain. suspicious international friendly's wednesday's game attracted dodgy betting patterns and two penalties were awarded by the referee even a hand of nigeria the first saw nigeria go to me a lap while the second was given to argentina in the eighth minute of stoppage time for handball even a video replays clearly showed no offense has committed by the match was on the same day three for president sepp blatter launched a zero tolerance campaign against corruption. by russia will be without star striker alexander khurshid cawthorne i qualify with armenia he pulled out of training yesterday after a recurrence of a knee injury it's a blow to russia to caprica he's hoping to end his side's five month when
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a streak and has called on andrey arshavin to lift the team in st petersburg with nor is robert daniels. the confidence of the strong there's the way russia looked during their training session ahead of saturday's crucial euro two thousand and twelve qualifier against armenia that holds sure the group believes with ireland and slovakia so grabbing in those three points at home is a must although a closer look at the situation shows it's far from being that simple russia have only managed to win one game out of their last boy and they feel to score a goal in their previous meeting with armenia on march the twenty six and more only keen to claim a draw over this time around the teams will still there are scores in simply as work which has proved to be a perfect location for the holds no girls have been considered at the petrovsky stadium with four wins from the four games the russian national team have played
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here so the figures speak for themselves. and russian manager dick advocaat it doesn't want to change we always try. to control the good johnson the jews use. moves. soon we will see you you know you. can close a movie in the drug where a little slave girl who deserved to morrow only teaches we get those of your school these tests is first of all up to the home so it's frontline all eyes are on the team store for mothers in need and current course non-striker under-react shervin whose recent international record leaves a lot to be desired i ever got believes the little russian magician escapable of producing a spectacular performance in his home city going to play of ninety minutes role. of seven for moves and if you can make decisions so good here in the last eight
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games you didn't score so loving to start to show something meanwhile the visitors who are just two points behind the leaders claim to have learned a lot from the previous game and become stronger but luckily we're better prepared than we were for the home game terms of. do rush ahead what it takes to become the pro highlanders or will our media minute to standard favorites and produce a sensation these questions will be answered here at the petrovsky stereo instead of the night. r t c in theaters. now elsewhere in group b. rush's closest rival slovakia and island planned or ambassador irrespectively portugal play group leaders norway by stand against denmark is the other tie in their group greece could top three better that when i was bottom side motor via and israel the other thanks to that point neighbor against all gary could see them chop
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their great engine if currently does anyone step up against switzerland however england are determined that won't happen reinstated captain john terry saying plenty of work has been done since the end of the english season to ensure they show up for the match. as a group of players now we want to see them finish now we've come out the week a wife. a lot of fires when i why you got some you know my spirit someone that block the sun so i'm not myself and the other guys are trying to monstrosity i might ensure that we come to this time and i'm still in shock and you know after this going you know we can completely relax and come again for pre-season but as far as fitness and from the parkinson the prize is in the right condition well last night guus hiddink saw his turkey side belgium in brussels and you know i feel a bit lucky there was that point behind saying taking the lead to start to form in the margin of the me before you equalized midway through the first half and was
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a well. however with fifteen minutes left of the game belgium had a golden chance to claim victory themselves there is no since it was brought down by tour and in the box. but. with so blazed over from the sport you stated in the group a point behind belgium the big game in hand. however germany right points clear in group a they maintain a perfect record with a two one win over austria also in that group has expanded azerbaijan to one the three top group say they got a three no win over stay near slovenia a second after base in the faroe islands saying they'll front stay in charge of crete they are to sachin a point against batteries for a second remaining big balls he has given you three nil. in that group now in group a sweden swept past moldova for once. they grip on the second place six points
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behind the netherlands summary no less still without a single point in the table after losing to thin and co usually group c. one victory over georgia while in group pilot managed to push three points not with against the rain yes let's go to the tennis by roger federer said. playing against rafael nadal is the french open final he wanted the swiss set up the clash by ending novak djokovic forty three game unbeaten run the pressure was on jockey beach before the semifinal had started to serve knowing victory would see him as the world number one any found himself to set down after federer took the first on a tie break. but in the second set the momentum was a bit better he raced to a before closing at the set six three. third seed has never lost a grand slam match for me to set leader though he had a fight on his hands when jock of each took the next six three and with the light fading it looked like this was going to claw his way back to trading blows with
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federer in a dramatic fourth set and all the way to a tie break but when you third much point better authorities eighteen days to enjoy it she's incredible run and set up that final itself. i will feel somewhat of a bigger hole in the tournament which is not the case you know the sort of silverware still out there through. to be won and i'm looking forward to the much as rafa riches i guess what your rival you know for. all those years you know since i became world number one of remember playing in miami for the first times of this is obviously not a big match to me it always seems like rafa needs to be in a french open for him to make it special and. i got the match i was going i guess i was hoping for it was a great tournament it was the best five months of my life in my tennis career and so i can't complain is that for an incredible period you had to end somewhere you know it's coming unfortunately it came in the moment was
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a big match today but look you know this is porto keep on keep on working hard well no doubt got past fourth seed andy murray in three sets but it was a hard fought contest murray showing some of the best of his all round play. despite his faltering ankle is this a tell it is still wasn't enough to stop me from going into the six final in paris to tell you i kept exchanging brakes with the spanish king of play i did that little extra bit of class when it mattered most to me finally triumph six four seven five six four and a gritty three hours and seventeen minutes and even though murray pushed him at times. you always yes. i. could well import the moments but that's true i was all the time with this court in my favor or worse on the march. for a while in the first set in the second set i was brick the beginning another brick
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so it never was. brick for here no one. that's through i'm very close from actual close rooms on. your own through local police were and. it was cool. for that. quote but. in the meantime russia's lena vest enough failed to claim her maiden grand slam title in the women's double she was seeded seventh of her. india but lost in. the andrea hell of at school and lucy had. previously days too it never got beyond the quarter finals of a major tournament. well today it is the turn of the women's final if these the pending champion francesca schiavone faces china's lean. four times and she wins a piece of a speed of only one day at roland garros last year in the. let's catch up of what
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has been happening at golf's wales open west sweet alexander noren as a one shot lead at the halfway stage at celtic manor he fired his second successive round of sixty seven and that puts him on eight under par one straight ahead of defending champion graeme mcdowell he found himself in a spot of bother ten it was in the sand but managed to recover rather well to make welshman jamie donaldson and vic to do this in france or at minus six but overnight to conclude the five. and steve stricker had how we won the memorial tournament in ohio a sweet six time from him sees the ball fly a hundred eighty yards all the way into the cup that's the second time in his career he's a stockholder and it helps him to a three shot lead after two rounds and a free. plays tight in a second. that is all the support will be here next march.
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most. of the latest in science conflict comes from the ground floor so. we are going to the future of coverage. from. the.
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